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We have a tendency to think that Diabetes is a disease of blood sugar. It is a vascular disease that causes blindness, strokes, heart attack, kidney failure and amputations. Dr Narendra K Gupta Best cardiac doctor in Gurgaon and Delhi. Best Diabetes doctor in Gurgaon and Delhi.
Type II diabetes, is a vascular disease that is a "Silent Killer". It is the vascular disease that kills. It is the most common cause of blindness, stroke, Coronary Artery disease, heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage and amputations. The weight goes up, particularly along the belly button "Central obesity", muscle wasting, blood pressure goes up, hand in hand with damage to the kidneys and protein leakage from the kidneys. Several different types of cholesterol derangement also occurs. It also affects several different organs in the body.Hence it is a complex metabolic disorder that spares no organ system in the body. Further it has different affect on the sexual system in males and females. In females it cause PCOD and Male menopause called Andropause in males. But what is fortunate that a caring and a holistic doctor can not only prevent the complications but reverse a number of these. Dr Narendra K Gupta, Best Diabetes doctor in Delhi and Gurgaon.
Diabetes is a "Silent Killer" It is a vascular disease that causes blindness, silent heart attacks, Kidney failure and amputations of the legs. Dr Narendra K Gupta Best kidney specialist, best nephrologist in Delhi.